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  • Board of Directors made major decisions, carried out strategic reorganization, merged two packaging companies of Cixi Shengbao and Jiadie to create a comprehensive packaging service brand "EASTSUN"
  • Comprehensive upgrading of regional services, establish offices in Shanghai and Guangzhou, respectively
  • platform upgrade, fully open from front-end consulting, to technical support - solutions provide - design proofing - manufacturing - product packaging - product assembly - final acceptance of shipment "one-stop" value-added services
  • In the process of continuous operation and development, the company forms core values. We advocate the corporate philosophy of “fairness, innovation, service and sharing”. This represents the company's belief, stimulates the vitality of the enterprise, creates a positive energy team, and promotes the healthy development of the enterprise.
  • Established the first office of Eastsun - Ningbo Office
  • Corporate Restructuring, positioning new standard and establishing Ningbo Eastsun Paper Products Co., Ltd., dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of retail packaging, e-commerce packaging, POP display and paper products.
  • Established Shengbao Color Printing Packing Co., Ltd. in Zhangqi Town, Cixi City
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